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Bodies & onesies for baby

Here you will find our babybodies online for the little ones - available in lots of colors and patterns. Choose between long or short sleeves. If you want a body with long legs, see the category onepiece. Here you will find our bodystockings for the little ones - we have baby bodysuits in lots of colors and patterns. Choose between long or short sleeves and legs. Our bodystockings are made of soft jersey knitwear - usually in organic cotton. Welcome!

What different baby bodies do we have?

With us, you will find various bodystockings for babies online that are suitable for both everyday use but also a little more "finely dressed" occasions. The first time with your newborn, the bodystocking is the garment that is used most frequently on the little baby, so we always try to design garments that facilitate and simplify everyday life. The majority of our bodystockings / onepiece / beachsuits for babies are made with push buttons at the neckline and crotch to facilitate undressing and dressing. If you prefer baby bodysuits with short or long sleeves, we have them too. Onepiece is another practical and comfortable variant of garments for the little ones. Find your favorite pattern, color or model. The design is inspired by the Scandinavian nature. We design our durable organic baby clothes in Sweden with great care and have different details on each individual garment - such as pockets, ruffles, snaps, collar, elastic at the waist and more. The organic cotton we use is grown without any chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers, which means that the cultivation has a smaller impact on our soil and the people who grow the cotton. Our babybodies are excellent to match with chinos, soft pants, shorts etc.

What's a "onesie"?

We offer onesies for babies and children in sizes 56-86 in different patterns, colors and models. A onsie can also be called a full suit, jumpsuit or onepiece and can be described as a full suit with a comfortable fit. Our onesies are made of soft materials that's comfortably against the baby's sensitive skin and always have smart buttons for easy undressing and dressing. A perfect garment for our little darlings that allows movement and cozy moments without sitting too tight.

How are the washing tips for our baby bodies?

It can be a lot of washing with a newborn baby. Our environmentally sustainable children & baby clothes are designed to withstand countless washes. Always follow the washing instructions in each individual garment and avoid fabric softener and tumble dryer as it is not only an environmental culprit but also impairs the life of the baby clothes.

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