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Casual Companions by ebbe

Casual Companions by ebbe

Fleece jackets, fisherman sweatshirts, cosy jumpers and huggable bathrobes offer a charming selection of our signature garments available in both adults and children’s sizes.

A combination that makes the cutest matching outfits, in what we like to call Casual Companions.

Casual Companions is a concept that showcases our commitment to design and sustainability. Choosing environmentally smart materials as the foundation of modern classics made for life.
Our clothes are enjoyed across generations; worn, loved and inherited between siblings, family and friends.

Casual Companions is inspired by the beauty of these long-lasting relationships and togetherness.
So come together this season with classic designs made to be matched, shared and enjoyed.
From grandparents to grandkids, and everyone in between, we promise – it makes a wonderful change. For all the family.


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