Fleece from ebbe

The fleece - one of our signature garments. Choose between plain, block-coloured, shaggy and smooth, in seasonal colours inspired by Sweden's deep forests, high mountains and cold seas.
Here you will also find our fleece collection for adults.

Fleece jackets for children
Since ebbe began, fleece jackets and fleece overalls have joined our signature pieces. They are best-selling favourites that return every season in new vintages. The fleece fits just as well for the little baby who can have the overall in sizes 56-86 cl as for the big siblings where the fleece jacket is available in sizes 92-164 cl. Feel free to match siblings for that sweet little autumn and winter extra.

Earth-friendly fleece jackets

Today, ebbe fleece jackets for children are made from recycled materials. The recycled polyester is strong, flexible, wear-resistant, and comes from PET bottles and reclaimed fabrics. The material gives the children durable fleece jackets that can be loved for a long time, by multiple generations, reducing the consumption of raw materials and materials from non-renewable sources.

Our fleece is super cosy with a soft brushed interior that makes it comfortable for children to wear, wrapping them up in huggable warmth. In the winter months the fleece acts as the perfect “layer-on-layer principle” adding an extra protection against cold that sits under regular jackets and overalls. Alone, it's the perfect garment for those cooler evenings and as a practical transitional garment between seasons.
We have a variety of functionalities on our fleece garments - everything from lined hoods and ribbon-edged ends to front zips. The fleece overalls in the smaller sizes (size 56-68) have fold-up sleeves and leg ends as an extra function to warm the hands and feet of small children who are lying still, perhaps for example, in the pram. Both jackets and overalls have various decorative design details such as labels with the "e" mark on them.

How do I take care of my fleece so it lasts longer?

It’s easy to keep your fleece in great condition, for many seasons to come. That way it can be used, loved and inherited. We recommend always following our washing advice for each individual garment. Our fleece jackets for children should be washed in a gentle machine wash at 40 degrees. Consider the environment and the garment's durability by avoiding fabric softener and tumble drying as this can shorten the garment's lifespan. By following these care tips, you will have a long relationship with your fleece clothing.
Many of our customers come back season after season precisely for our fleece sweaters, fleece jackets and fleece overalls. And the great thing is that when the children have outgrown the fleece clothes - why not donate the fleece sweater or fleece overall to siblings, cousins, and friends or to charity, to be enjoyed for many more seasons to come.

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