Organic clothing for children

Here you will find all the organic styles in our collections for baby and children clothes. The work and development to find alternative fibers to use in our collections are constantly evolving. We always work to make our collections more and more sustainable and a future goal is to always choose organic cotton where it is possible. Ecology is so much more than just organic cotton. We work daily on our long term goal to find cooperations that will enable us to take us to the next sustainable step. Read more about our values and how we work with sustainability.

Why buy organic children's clothing?
Organic cotton is grown without any chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers, which means that the cultivation has a smaller impact on our soil and the people who grow the cotton. The clothing industry has a major challenge ahead of it regarding the cultivation, production and production of textiles so that it takes place in a way that is as gentle on the environment as possible. Each brand must take its responsibility in this mission. At low tide, we try in every way possible to manufacture our clothes from recycled or in other ways sustainably produced materials.

What does it mean when a garment is GOTS marked?
When it says on the product information that the garment is GOTS-labeled, it means that this garment meets the requirements for an international eco-label. This means that every step in the production chain has been controlled, from cotton cultivation, to the final product. The certification also includes strict controls of salaries and working conditions. Many of our organic garments are made in GOTS-certified production.

More about GOTS certification:
The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world's leading certification for organic textiles. It was introduced in 2006 in order to make it easier for you as a consumer. The GOTS label means that the garments contain natural fibers that are organically grown according to EU directives and inspections take place throughout the production chain. Each step of production must meet special criteria. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) requires at least 95% organic fibers. This certification not only entails strict rules for the use of chemicals in cultivation and preparation, but also ensures proper working conditions for farmers and seamstresses and the right to freedom of association and good living wages. The certification is held by the respective supplier who has produced the garments.

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