Outerwear for kids

Here you will find all our outerwear for children and babies. Outerwear and fleece are important keystones in the collections that you can easily combine with our accessories. You will find children's jackets and baby overalls in fleece, but also warmer and padded children's jackets and overalls for babies. 
Buying outerwear for children and babies that lasts a long time and can be inherited between siblings is our goal. We have different colors and patterns on our outerwear and when our designers design our clothes we are inspired by Swedish nature. We call it Scandinavian Simplicity.

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Are you looking for outerwear for girls and boys?
Then you have come to the right place. With us at ebbe, we sell lovely, durable and warm outerwear such as jackets and overalls for both girls and boys in sizes from newborn up to 12 years. Every season, we present warm and functional jackets and overalls with a design twist that characterizes our brand. Outerwear and fleece are important garments in our collections that you can easily combine with our cozy beanies that you will find under the accessories tab. Our outerwear for children and babies lasts a long time, both functionally and in their design language, and can be inherited between siblings. 

"Layer on layer" with ebbe
Working with the "layer-on-layer" principle is always a good idea. Match your favorite jacket or overall with a soft, warming fleece jacket or fleece overall for the really cold days. In transition periods between winter and spring or summer and autumn, the fleece garment works excellently without complementing a thicker jacket or overalls.

Do you like the classic "look"?
Check out our wonderful ship jackets and coats.

Do you have outerwear for baby?
The overall is the baby's or perhaps rather, the parent's best friend during the autumn and winter months. Here you will find our fleece overalls and our warmer padded baby overalls. We have comfortable, padded baby overalls in different patterns and sizes for babies. Our baby overalls are designed with two zippers at the front that make it easier for you as a parent to get dressed. Our quilted baby overalls are impregnated with BIONIC-FINISH®ECO.

What does Bionic-finish eco mean?
BIONIC-FINISH®ECO is a more environmentally friendly alternative to water-repellent impregnation on outerwear. BIONIC-FINISH®ECO is an alternative technology that is completely free of fluorocarbons, formaldehyde and paraffin.