RE:bbe - Give Your Clothes a Second Chance

Circularity starts with design. For ebbe, our timeless garments not only promise high quality but represent a commitment to longevity.

We say that our clothes are made to be worn, loved and inherited. An idea that is woven into classic collections as an investment for our customers. An investment that is kept, shared and passed from generation to generation. We say no to fast-fashion, and yes to long-lasting fashion, made to be enjoyed for many happy years to come.


Get started

Pack your ebbe garments and fill in the return form.
Attach a note with your name, postal address, email number and mobile number with the shipment.

Returns from Sweden:
You will receive a Bring prepaid packing label or a UPS prepaid mobile code in an email. Leave your package at the nearest service point of your choice.

Returns from Finland:
You can use the prepaid Matkahuolto shipping code 9545051 / Ninyes Oy or Posti shipping code 671577 / Ninyes Oy.

Returns from other countries:
You will receive a UPS prepaid mobile code in an email. Leave your package at the nearest service point of your choice.

Shipping costs:

Shipping costs 4,90€ (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany) or 8,90€ (other EU countries) are prepaid and the value of the shipping cost is deducted from the gift card value together with a handling fee of 11 SEK/1 EURO per garment.



When we have received and checked your clothes, you will get an e-mail in approximately one to two weeks informing you of the estimated value of your garments.

When you have accepted this, you will receive a gift card in the form of a code that can be used at The code is valid for six months and only on one purchase. The gift card cannot be combined with other codes.

Keep this in Mind when Sending in Your Clothes

• The clothes must be whole and freshly washed and in such a condition that you yourself would like to buy them. Feel free to air clean garments that have been in the wardrobe/storage for some time.
• The assumed selling price per garment must be at least
SEK 100/EUR 10

We cannot accept

• Clothes that are dirty, stained, torn, badly worn, faded or discoloured
• Clothing containing animal hair
• Clothes missing their labels (size, brand)
• Copies