Frequently asked questions:

      Do you have any questions about us at ebbe kids or how it works to shop with us?
      Then you have come to the right place. Here you can find answers to your questions that may arise when shopping
      for children and baby clothes with us at ebbe regarding your order, return, repurchase and everything in between.
      Should you, against all odds, not find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact our customer service at
      and we will try to help you in the best possible way. Our goal is to answer you within 24 hours (Monday - Friday).



    Can I track my package?
     - Yes, you can track your package. When you place an order with us, you will receive a confirmation
     email as soon as the order is packed and ready to leave our warehouse in Malmö, Sweden. Then you will receive a tracking
     number via SMS or email as soon as possible the order is retrieved and scanned into the system.
     We send your order with either UPS or TNT.

    How do I see the size of the children's clothes at checkout?
     - When the goods are in your shopping basket and you are on your way to check out, it is good to
     throw one extra eye on your goods so that you have ordered the right size. By looking at the article number
     under the items name you will see the last digits indicating the size.
     For example, if you order a garment in size 116, it can look like this:
     Art no: 1017420514116
     Should you order in a smaller size such as size 80, they look like this:
     Art: 1017980602080
     In other words, it is the last digits of the article number that show the size you have chosen.
    shopping kart ebbe kids
    See the example above.

    I want to return an item, how?
     - You have an exchange right for 14 days from the day you received your goods. Return the unused item in the original
     packaging together with the package leaflet contained in the consignment. You are responsible for the return shipping.
     If you want to change to another size etc, we pay the shipping cost for the item we send back to you. As soon as we receive an item in return
     from you, we will send a new desired item or we will credit you your money depending on what you want.
     If you return an item / items, please attach the return slip that you find here. If you do not have the possibility to print the return slip,
     you can only attach a note with the corresponding information.

     Returns are sent to:
     OneTwoTen AB
     Box 210 11
     200 21 MALMÖ

    How much does a return cost?
     - We do not have free returns, the return shipping is the customer's responsibility.
     The cost of return shipping varies depending on the size and weight of the shipment.
     Your right of return is 14 days after you have placed your order with us.

   What happens if I don't pick up my package at the access point?
    - For non-collected packages, we reserve the right to charge you 10 EUR for return shipping, and handling fee.

   Do I have an open purchase on sale items?
    - Yes. You also have an open purchase on discounted goods for 14 days.

   I have not received an order confirmation of my purchase yet..
   - You will receive an order confirmation of your purchase immediately after the purchase. If that's not the case, you can double check
    if you wrote the wrong email address or that the order confirmation may have ended up in your email spam. If none of these are reasons
    why you did not receive your order confirmation then contact us and we will help you. Feel free to send an email to

   Do I have to send my item back in the same packaging / plastic bag I received it in?
    - Yes, the product must be returned in original packaging with all labels intact.

   I want to reclaim a product that’s defective, how do I do this?
    - Sometimes it happens that a product is defective. We do our outmost to ensure the goods you have ordered from us are in good condition.
    Should you still receive a defective or incorrectly delivered item, you must contact customer service as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days.
    We are of course responsible for shipping in the event of incorrect deliveries and complaints.

    In the event of a complaint about ebbe's children's clothing and children's accessories:
    - Always attach order number in the event of a complaint
    - Describe the defect in the product
    - Always attach a picture of the defective item / items so we can see what the problem is
    - We then handle your case as soon as we can and get back to you

    Our goal is to respond to complaints as quickly as possible, however, they can take up
    to a few days to handle and we kindly ask you to understand this.
    In the event of a dispute, we follow the General Complaints Board's recommendations.
    Read more on the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) website for more detailed information. 

     When ordering from outside EU
      When ordering from a country outside the European Union you may have to pay an extra taz/customs fee depending on the value/weight of your order. 
      These duties are established by the country the goods are deliveried into and do not have any influence over it.
      Extra administrative cost may apply due to country outside the EU. 

   Can I order an item in my name and send it to someone else?
    - Yes, you can do thoat, and yu do that at the check out.

   I have a special wish that I want you to take into account when ordering, how do I do that?
     - If you have a special wish that you want us to take extra account of, for example, that you want the package you order to
      be wrapped like a present or similar, there is a small box that reads "message to shop" at checkout where you can write
      down your wish when you place your order.

   How do I change an item?
     - If you want to change an item to another size, color etc, we pay the shipping cost for the item we send back to you.
       As soon as we receive an item in return from you, we will send a new desired item or we will credit you your money
      depending on what you want. You do this easiest by attaching the return slip where you describe what you want to change to
     (other size, other color etc). The return slip can be found here (länk).

     I have not received my refund yet, what do I do?
      - As soon as we receive an item in return from you, we will credit you with your money provided that the
      product is unused and in original condition. If you have not received your money back
      - contact us and we will investigate the status of the case.

     How should I wash my children's clothes from ebbe?
      - For each individual garment, we have instructions on washing thread when describing the garment.
      We always recommend avoiding fabric softener and tumble dryer when washing as it causes environmental
      damage and that it shortens the life of the garments. What can vary the most is the degree of washing.

    I want to use my discount code, how do I do it?
     - At check out, you will see a link called "campaign code / gift certificate" that you click on,
     there you enter your discount code and then press "use discount code" - this will reduce
     your item to the discounted price.

    How long do you have offers / discounted prices?
     - You can see all our current offers and promotions on where you can also read
     the conditions for them, how long they apply, etc.

    My discount code does not work, what can be the issue?
     - If you have problems with your discount code, double check that you did not write a letter or number in the wrong
     order or forgot something. If this is not the case, please contact our customer service at
     as soon as possible and we will help you immediately.

    What does your Sample Sale mean?
     - Sometimes we have sample sales online. Here you will find sales and production samples which are only available in
     limited edition and which has not been on the market yet. You will also find samples of garments that can come in a later
     collection and then in full size sorting. What applies to garments purchased from the sample collection:

     - We can not guarantee what material composition is in the garment and therefore write
     do not post this in the web shop
     - Garments from the sample collection usually do not have a washing thread patch. However, we recommend 30-40
     degrees wash on everything
     - The garments are only available in single sizes (68, 104, 116, 128)
     - The garments are sold in existing condition
     - The garments are reduced to 70% of regular prices

    How do I place an order at ebbe kids?
     1. By starting from our two categories children and baby, you can find what you are looking for. We have various options in our top
     menu where you can easily navigate your way. On our website we have different tabs for different references. If you are interested in slightly warmer clothes,
     we have a tab for that and so on. If you know what you are looking for, we have a search box in the right hand corner that you can use.

     2. When you have found something you want to buy, choose which size and what color you want and add it to your shopping cart.
     You can review the garments you have put in the cart in peace and add and remove if you feel like it.
     You then fill in your personal information and which payment method you want to use. On the following page you enter your payment information.

    3. Then click on complete purchase to confirm your order.

     When you have completed your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation via email from us.
     When your orders are then sent from us, you will receive a delivery confirmation where you can
     follow your shipment with a tracking number from either TNT or UPS.

    I have regretted my order, what do I do?
     - By emailing us as soon as you regret one or more products you have ordered at
     and give your order number and we will help as soon as we can.

     I entered the wrong information in my order, what do I do?
     - By emailing us as soon as you discover the error at,
     we will help you as soon as we can to solve the problem so that everything is correct. 

    What is your delivery time?
     - We have a delivery time around 3 days depending where you order from. At the time of a campaign, the pressure on order placements can increase,
     there is a risk that it will be a bit longer delivery time than normal. However, we do everything we can
     to ensure that your order is delivered as fast as possible.

    You lowered an item shortly after I already ordered it, can you fix it so I get the discount?
     - There is always a risk of ending up in the joint between different price reductions / campaigns. Unfortunately we can not solve this if
     the order has already been sent, if you would like the discount you will then receive the product and re-order.
     The risk of this is that the product may be sold out before a new order is placed.
     If the order has not been sent, you can contact us and ask us to cancel your order and then you can place a new one.

    I want to end my subscription to your weekly newsletters, how do I do that?
     - To end your newsletter subscription, scroll to the bottom
     each newsletter and press "unsubscribe here".

    Our privacy policy:
     - We follow the EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR. In connection with your registration and order do
     you agree by law that we store and use your information in our business to
     fulfill our obligations to you. Please read more about this in our privacy policy.

    How do I find the right size for my child?
    - We have a size guide for each individual child's clothing in our web shop. In the size guide do you see measurements such as waist width,
    chest width, butt width, inner leg length and length linked to the child's different ages. Our size guide helps to find the right for both small
    and large children when you order children's clothes and baby clothes online with us. You will also find measurements and guidelines to be
    able to buy hats and caps in the right size for both baby and child. If the size is not right, we always have a 14-day right of withdrawal - also applies to discounted goods.

We hope that we have answered your questions that you had and if not - do not hesitate to contact us via email on 
We will update our FAQ continuously. Happy shopping.