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ebbe - Scandinavian Simplicity

A small team of enthusiast who are passionate about designing those really nice children's clothes that the kids love and you pick out of the closet with a smile on your face - and is also produced in a manner that is as gentle as possible for our environment.
We like the idea that our clothes are passed between siblings, cousins and friends and we feel proud that we take new steps every day on our sustainability journey with your customers as the finest company.

How it all started

Imagine a guy growing up I Småland’s Huskvarna who rather wanted to take a job in the city’s coolest record store than start high school. That´s exactly how it turned out. His name was Mikael Thor and the year he spent working in the record store was eventually followed by graduating high school and a degree in business administration at Uppsala University.

But long before that, it was clear to him that clothes were one of his great interests. And entrepreneurship. Mikael grew up in a family with a long history of self-employees. His grandfather started the furniture company “Tibro stoppmöbler” – the foundation of what is today called “Ire Möbel”. Mikaels father followed in similar footsteps working with furniture and was the one launching the cultivated teak in Sweden. His grandparents on his mother's side were good at alot of different things and had their own tailoring, confectionery and fishing business.

Working as a purchasing economist at H&M for a few years Mikael learned more about the clothing industry. Meanwhile the entrepreneurial vein thumped steadily under the vest. At the turn of the millennium, at the same time as Mikael's first son was born, he decided to start his own children's clothing agency called OneTwoTen Since then, the company has successfully launched a number of foreign children's clothing brands on the Swedish market such as Danish Molo, Katvig and Hummel and Dutch Scotch & Soda.


Photo from the early 1900s picturing Michael's relatives sewing studio in Undenäs, Västergötland.

Dreaming about ebbe

The dream of having his own brand grew slowly over the years as an agent. With inspiration from the Scandinavian landscape, Bohusläns rugged cliffs where Mikael spent his childhood summers to Smålands deep forests the brand ebbe took forms. The style is simple, stripped down and comfortable with a fashion twist that gives the garment that little extra.

- I love what I usually call "Sustainable Casual Fashion" and have always been passionate about creating a brand with roots in the durable and clean. With our clothes we want to offer the sense of “Scandinavian Simplicity” Mikael says.

The inspiration for the name ebbe comes from one of Mikael’s three sons – Ebbe.

The marine theme is our lifeblood and will always be found in the collections. With a showroom in Malmö, next to the bridge pier that leads to Copenhagen, Denmark, the rest of the world is always close.

Sustainability focus

In all aspects from design to production, environmental sustainability is in focus. The goal is to be one hundred percent environmentally sustainable by 2025 – today, about eighty percent of production are made from organic and recycled materials, in certified factories, for example in Turkey and India.

We are passionate about creating a more environmentally sustainable development in textile consumption and the way we look at clothes and the value of clothes. Clothes made of organic and recycled materials are a designed craft and has to be allowed to cost money. That the clothes can be resold / donated secondarily is a matter of course for us. On this paved path, we want to continue walking. But we also need support and understanding from our customers so that we can climb this mountain of low cost and wear and tear.

No one can do everything but everyone can do something. If you choose to shop at ebbekids, you support a Swedish, environmental sustainable brand, designed in Malmö. It warms our hearts.